Hello! I am Ally Jade.

I am a mixed media artist based in Sydney's Inner west.
I am a self taught artist, and have always been creative, it helped me cope through some difficult times when I was younger.
I have been painting as long as I can remember and after coming back from a particularly challenging time in my life.
In my journey I found that my art process was extremely healing and essential for my ongoing well-being.
I have had two Solo exhibitions at DiversArty gallery in Sydney's northern beaches, and have exhibited at State Parliament House, as part of an exhibition called 'Golden Repair'.

My subjects are varied, but are often deeply personal and focus on themes such as overcoming adversity, transformation, addiction, mental illness and health, and social issues such as domestic violence and incarceration. I create art to tell a story, for the viewer to interpret.
Your interpretation of this piece is as important to me as my own. I believe the joy of Art is that it’s different to every person who sees it.

My Art is influenced by my world, the inspiration people I meet through my recovery journey.
I love to tell the stories of the survivors, the women, the queens, the victims and the empowered.
There is pain underneath all the beauty, and what I hope to translate is gratitude, a genuine love for the beauty in colours and textures, and respect for the stories of the women I meet, who are the inspiration for each and every piece I create.

These women saved me, they nurtured me back from the brink of despair, alone and broken in a prison cell, (literally and figuratively), to become the brave and resilient artist I am today.
Every piece is a Thank-You to those women, and a celebration of the joy of life and freedom.